Multiple graphic - Display Lag?

Hello. I have a custom quiz with custom feedback thereafter setup for a client so they can review the results of 165 questions they answer. I have formatted their results in a scrolling panel with a table in it on a slide (with the logic on one layer) so they can pick to review specific questions they got wrong from a scrolling list vs. paging through each one via results, slide by slide (they can do that too). I have put green/red indicators for if they got the question correct/incorrect, as well as a button on each question line to go to that specific question to see it's feedback.

The issue is that when loading this page when published, via web or LMS, this results page takes about 7 seconds to load. My guess is because there are 165 x 2 green/red indicators that have to load (along with the textual content) and 165 Review Question buttons to load on that page (see image).

I know that when editing slides in SL with large or many images, they need to be hidden temporarily to speed up the edit on that slide, however this lag occurs when loading the slide when published.

I am thinking of dividing the results to layers, with 5 questions per, 33 layers in all to display the results, thinking that dividing the media per layer, vs. all on the main layer may help load time. 

Anyone run into similar issues in the past and how to resolve?  Thanks much for any ideas!


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