Multiple language solution

Hello everyone,
I have a mission to create a 20 minute course in Storyline 360. The customer wants the student to be able to choose the language in the same course file to avoid many files in the LMS. How do I solve it? For now, the goal is to choose from three different languages ​​but in the future about 24. The material contains a lot of video, and can be too heavy with "multiple chooice" for each language choice. Can you somehow add a variable that shows only some information when they have chosen their language. Is it too advanced ??

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Damien Néanne

Hi Sabina,

maybe the more simple solution is to create a conditionnal menu on your 1st
screen project.
Create a button "select your langage", and three triggers which bring the
student to a particular scene with his language choice (first scene common
and then 1 scene for each language).

It's juste an idea. Let me know if it helps.

Best regards.