Multiple markers with same trigger point.

I have a slide with 10 pictures and each has a marker with text that appears when the marker is clicked.

#1 I have the 10, individual pictures on the base layer.   I created a new layer for each of the 10 markers.    I then added a trigger on the base layer to show the layer when the audio media ends.  However, when I preview, the only marker that appears is the last one.

How do I get each marker to appear at the same time when the media ends?


#2  I have a current trigger for each individual marker to change the state of picture 1 to hidden when the content closes .  The object for that trigger is 'picture 1'.

The content automatically closes when the user clicks the next marker.  I'm not sure if that is the best trigger to use to make that picture/marker unavailable.   What are your suggestions?


#3  Users can click those 10 pictures in any order they chose.  I would like to have a 'next' button appear when the last marker is selected.   I can add a trigger to have the button appear when a certain marker is clicked but I am not discovering a way to have it appear only when the last marker is clicked.

I tried adding a layer to appear when the timeline reaches a certain point, and the same with the button but it's not working for me.

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Allison LaMotte

Thanks! Here are my answers to your questions:

1. It looks like the layer properties were set to "hide other slide layers", which is why only the last one was visible (see screenshot). To fix it, you just need to uncheck that box on each layer.

2. After looking at your file, it seems like there's an easier and more effective way to do what you're trying to do here. I created a new slide in your project where I made the following hanges:

  • I deleted the layer and triggers associated to the text that appears at the beginning of the slide. Instead, I just made it disappear when the audio is finished using the timeline. Here's a tutorial about using the timeline.
  • Instead of using markers, I drew custom shapes using the freeform shape option (see screenshot) that serve as the buttons.
  • I selected all of these buttons and added them a button set. When buttons belong to a set, only one button can be selected at a time. Here's a tutorial that explains button sets in more detail.
  • On each of these buttons I added a visited state (in addition to the selected state, which is added automatically when buttons are added to a set).
  • On each of the layers, I deleted the marker and added the text in the marker to the layer directly. I put it in the bottom section of the slide so that it would make the slide look more balanced, but also so that it doesn't cover up any of the other buttons.
  • I made the buttons appear on the timeline when the audio is over.
  • I made sure the "hide other layers" box was checked on all the layers.

3. To do this, you need to add 2 triggers:

  • Change the state of the next button to hidden when the timeline starts
  • Change the state of the next button to normal when the state of (all of your buttons) is equal to normal

I've attached my version of the file here. I hope this solution works for you! :)

J Reyno - Dutton

I added the 'next' button and the triggers.  I tried tying it to the buttons but am not getting the result.   I don't have an 'on' choice of 'equal to'.    I have all of, any of, or none.   I tried each and then and tried checking the boxes for the freeform pictures and the picture 1-8.  The 'next button isn't appearing once all of the flakes are selected.   I am obviously missing something.


last question:  I have it set that users can select the buttons on 1.2 to go to any of the choices in any order.   I am trying to get 1.6 to come after all three of the choices are viewed.  I tried copying some of what you did and other possibilities but I am having no luck.

Allison LaMotte

I had initially set up the triggers to work with the default next button (which is in the course player), but it looks like you inserted another next button on the actual slide. I would suggest getting rid of the default next button if you're using an on-slide next button so learners aren't confused. Here's how to do that.

However, if you get rid of the default next button, you should probably get rid of the previous button as well. But then you'd need to add a previous button the the screen. Ultimately, I think it would just be easier to use the default buttons and get rid of your on-screen buttons, but it's up to you.

I had a look at your triggers and I saw a couple issues. One of them was that instead of having the state of the next button change to normal when the state of all of the buttons were visited, you had it set up so that it would change when the state of all the buttons and all the images (which don't have any states on them) were NOT normal. I fixed that, and now it looks like this.

The other issue was that the last dropdown in the trigger to change the next button to hidden when the timeline starts was set to the next button and not the slide. This is what it looks like now.

I set up the trigger on Slide 1.2 for you. Basically, I added a condition to the jump to trigger that says to only jump to Slide 1.6 if the state of all 3 buttons is equal to visited. This is what it looks like.

Everything should be working correctly now. :)

Here's a tutorial that I recommend checking out so you feel more comfortable working with triggers, states, and layers.