multiple quiz results on 1 summary slide - is it possible?


I am planning a module that will have up to 10 different sections (Scenes).  Each section will have a quiz at the end.  The users do not have to complete every section, just those relevant to themselves.


I am comfortable with building quizzes, and using results slides for individual quiz banks, however I was hoping to have a summary "report" for when the user completes the module, that details the results of the quizzes completed.


Is this possible?





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Ralf  Baum

Hi Sarah,

perhaps you can modify your training a  little bit. What about using variables on each question slide?

e.g. you have topic 1 with 3 questions

Now you create a variable named "topic1" with default value "0".

Everytime you visit the "correct"-layer you add +1 to the variable "topic1". Now you can show this result on your resultslide in a text box   (topic1 / 3) or sth. similiar.

You can use this idea for all 10 sections.

Will this work for you?

Best regards

sarah matthews


It wasn't what I was thinking of..... however it has given me an idea for something else!.


Do I create these in a question bank, or do you add quiz slides directly into each scene? Would it be possible to give a scenario, then if the user selects the correct response it opens up another question on this same scenario?  Would it be possible to link up to 5 questions to 1 scenario?


I'm not sure how you create all the variables...looks complicated, so I guess I will need to do a bit of reading around it!  Are there any useful tutorials you would recommend for that?