Multiple Quizzes but publish to which one?

Ok is a doozie. I have a simple course with a quiz and results slide. I found out that I have to make it compatible for Spanish and French. Easy enough.... I duplicated the scene and added 3 language buttons on the opening slide. Each button jumps to the corresponding language scene. I now realize that I now have 3 quizzes with 3 results slides. How do I publish not knowing which result slide to reference?

Thanks for the help.

I tried posting with the .story file, but the site kept crashing... will provide upon request.

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Ulises Musseb

You can have one results slide with several layers, displaying the content in the three languages in the layers.

You can add a true/false variable for each language, then display the layer in the language that corresponds to the variable set as true.

That way you don't need to worry about multiple results slides.


An alternative to a ghost assessment that I've employed lately is to use language layers.  This might be easier for you to set up.  Essentially, you have 1 assessment but with language layers.
Use a variable to track which language is selected and therefore, which layer is shown. Use a custom submit button and have it control answering the question on the base layer based on what the user selected on the layer they are viewing.  You can customize your results slide the same way with multiple success layers based on language and multiple "you suck and are a failure" layers as well. 🤣

Here is an example for you with 3 slides (1 select language, 1 T/F question, and 1 result slide) and 2 languages (english and my poor attempt at spanish).

You can see it in action here and I've attached a StoryLine360 story file for you.

The nice thing about this method is you only really have 1 assessment and 1 results slide so it keeps the LMS happy.

Rinnai America

Hi guys... thanks for the advice... What I have done is create a ghost assessment and results slide.  I am unable to get the assessment slide to trigger.   What I have in place is that the radio button 1 on the 7.1 should change states to selected when variable 'Englshcontinue' changes.  I have the same trigger set on slide 1.7.  It works perfectly on 1.7, but not on 7.1 (which is where I need it to work).


You were on the right track but needed a few more things to make this format work.

  1. add a tracking variable to determine if the results had been submitted or not.
  2. point ALL of the assessments to jump to the master assessment if the tracking variable is false.
  3. add a language variable that changes on the 1st slide based on user selection (english by default, "spanish" on spanish button, etc.)
  4. The "ghost question" is answered based on whether or not results.ScorePoints>= results.PassPoints OR results1.ScorePoints>= results1.PassPoints OR results2.ScorePoints>= results2.PassPoints.  These come from your 3 assessments (english, spanish, french). I also suggest adding a shape to mask over the slide as users might see it for a brief moment.  Set the question trigger to submit at timeline start but place it under (or after) the button selection trigger.
  5. The Master Assessment that follows the ghost question should also be masked. Set it so it submits the results, updates the tracking variable to true and returns the user to the appropriate results slide for their language based on the language variable value at timeline start. You can remove the "show layer" triggers and the pass/fail layers.  This will pass the user through the master "ghost question" and the master results slide that will submit pass/fail to the LMS and then return the user to the results slide on the path they have chosen.
Rinnai America

Owen... thank you for the insight.  

  1. I have that in place already, "EnglishContinue"
  2. not sure how
  3. I have that in place now, "Language"
  4. I have tried to do that, but I don't see those variables.  See my attachments
  5. Having a hard time following this suggestion.

I appreciate any additional clarification you can offer.