Multiple quizzes in Storyline 360 reporting to Cornerstone

Jun 28, 2021

Hi there we have branches for quizzes based upon role. We are trying to get the scorm file into the LMS (Cornerstone) where we can report on each quizzes result. Is this possible? For example, course has Assessment A if you are a nurse or Assessment B if you are a nursing manager.  

There may be an occasion, where the individual has to take both assessments as they may have a dual role. Is it possible to tell the LMS to read each score separately?



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Adam Zamczyk

Hi Sherry, 

There is a way to dynamically change what questions are presented to the learners and this way achieve what you want. 

I would have 2 question banks, and 1 result slide.

When learners choose which role they have, 1, 2 or both, this selection would change number variable eg. Assessment to 1,2 or 3. And then playing with triggers to jump to specific slide (draw from question bank 1, draw from question bank 2, or both). 

Important thing is to tick option to mark only presented questions. 

If you have a file I could help you setting this up.