Multiple Response Answers showing


I am trying to create a multiple response quiz. I have created multiple choice quizzes before and selected the correct answer in form view - without them showing up in Slide View.  Now, with multiple response, I am selecting 2 answers in form view and they can be seen in slide view. Why is that? How can I prevent the answers from being shown?


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Michael O.

If you don't mind constant repetition, a trick i have used is an Animated GIF.

An alternative if you only want it to flash just a couple of times (i recommend this):

  1. Create the arrow, apply both "Entrance Animation" and "Exit Animation".
  2. Limit the object to one or two seconds on the timeline.  
  3. Copy the arrow a couple of times. Stack the arrows on the slide.
  4. Stagger the objects on the timeline. 

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