Multiple Response Questions

I've created a quiz in Storyline 360 using question banks and there are several Multiple Response Questions included.  Does anyone know of a way to create a prompt for the user if they try to submit before selecting the required number of responses?  i.e. 'please select two responses before submitting.' Currently, if the user doesn't select the correct number of responses, they're still able to submit,  and marked incorrect for that question - even if the response they select is one of the correct ones. I can't see a trigger option for the submit button as it looks to be built in. Any advice greatly appreciated!

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Gayle Cowey

Hi Wendy, 

I'm nearly there with this module and have a couple of other queries I'm hoping you can help with. You mentioned in your first reply about the option to allow for users who select then deselect - are you able to provide some guidance on how to do this please?  

PS I've enrolled for the upcoming webinar on using variables... :)