Multiple slide - T/F Variable

I have a slide (1.4) that has two icons.   I want each icon to go to a different slide (1.5 - Abuse & 1.6 - Neglect).   On slides 1.5 & 1.6 there are 3 layers each slide.  I don't want the participant to be able to access the 'continue' button until all 3 selections are in the 'visited' state. 

The user can select either icon (Abuse or Neglect) in any order.  If they go through 'Abuse' first and have all icons on that slide (1.5) in the visited state, and they press 'continue', they should return to slide 1.4 where they can then click the other 'Neglect' icon.   

When they click the 'Neglect' icon, they are taken to slide 1.6.    They need to have all of those icons in the 'visited' state before the 'continue' button is active.

When both icons on slide 1.4 are visited, they should continue to slide 1.7.

I've tried adding the variables for that but it's not working.  Can someone take a look at this and help talk me through it?

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Tracy Parish

You were on the right track, but I made some changes and would use my states a bit differently.

But I would approach it this way.  Visited state never quite works the way I want it to, so I create my own called COMPLETE (or DONE) and removed the Visited state.

Then as the learner visits a layer, you can change the state of the button/icon that sent them them to the layer to COMPLETE, when the timeline of the layer starts.

Once all 3 are set to COMPLETE, the Continue button is revealed, and it jumps back to your slide 1.4 (I also disabled the Next button, but you could set the trigger for it to work the same).

Do this on both of your slides that have the 3 buttons (1.5 and 1.7).

Similarly, I also set the buttons on 1.4 to have this COMPLETE state instead of Visited, and added the continue button there.  (don't need the state here to be COMPLETE, but that just keeps with conformity of the rest of the course)

HOWEVER, to get the "slide has been viewed" on 1.5 and 1.7 to show up on 1.4, that were I would use triggers.  Just a T/F trigger.  When they click the Continue button on these slides set the variable to be true.  When they get to 1.4 if both are T,then the continue button there is revealed and they move on to 1.6.

***just need to be careful that your triggers are all in the right order on the trigger panel.


J Reyno - Dutton

Thank you for the insight.

 One question,  once they are completing the second option (whether Abuse or Neglect), they should go directly to slide 1.6 and not return to 1.4 since both are now in a completed state.  The only time I’d like them to return to 1.4 is after completing one option and they need to return to 1.4 to choose the second one.