Multiple types of questions on one slide


I would like to include a multiple choice question, a hotspot question, and a free response question on each slide. Ideally, I would also like each question to get immediate feedback as they are answered (i.e. answer first question and can't move on until it is answered correctly). I was wondering if there was a way to do this in storyline? Thanks!

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john faulkes


You can certainly do this but you would have to build your questions manually. For example with a multiple choice question you create the choices and the radio buttons yourself, and then set up an answer text object that changes its state depending on which button is clicked. Tip: make sure a set of radio buttons is grouped as a 'button set' and then only one will select at a time. You can use variables to check for correct answers and hide/show next buttons...

Stephanie Brooks

Thanks John! So far I have created the multiple choice (question 1) and hotspot (question 2) on the same slide. However, I am having trouble with the third question.

The third question is a free response in a text entry field. Let's say the answer to question 3 is "apple"

I want to create a variable called answer3 and say:

if text in text entry box = "apple" then change value of answer3 to true

if text in text entry box= anything but correct answer then change value of answer3 to false.

and for triggers on the submit button:

if value of answer3= true jump to next slide

if value of answer3=false then show slide layer X which will have an" incorrect, try again" message on it.

However, I don't see any place to execute the first if statements with text in the textbox. It seems articulate only offers those preset options so I am wondering how best to accomplish this.

I know that I can code this easily in JavaScript- does articulate support javascript and how would i do this?

Maija Perfiljeva

Hi Stephanie, 

Would this be what you're trying to achieve: ? If yes, I attached the .story file below.

In essense, when you place a text entry object onto a slide, Storyline will automatically create a variable (usually called TextEntry - can be renamed manually) and a trigger to adjust the value of the variable to the typed text when the control loses focus. So, what you need is a trigger on your Submit button to navigate the learner to the next slide or show the layer based on the value of TextEntry variable. I'd say that you don't really need to add an additional true/false variable (unless you need it later for some reason).

Janet Van Ness

Along those lines, is it possible to create a multiple choice questions here just the radio button and not the response label appears on the slide? I'm trying to overlay the buttons on an image of a form, so the labels are already there.

I'm new to the forums, so I'm not sure if my question will rise to the attention of those in the know. I'll ask again later, if need be. 

Thanks in advance!

Maija Perfiljeva

It is definitely possible. You could start with a regular slide, and add radio buttons via Insert > Controls menu. The radio buttons can be textless. You can then convert the slide into a free-form interactions "Choose one" or "Choose many" (depending on the amount of buttons that have to be selected).