Music and movie clips in your eLearning

There's been a few instances come up where I would love to include a sound or video clip from a popular show/movie/song/etc. to help drive home what my message is saying and help make it more memorable.

For example, I most recently would love to be able to use the first 10 seconds from "Do Re Mi" from the sound of music where Julie Andrews is singing "Let’s start at the very beginning – a very good place to start". 

I'm worried, however, about doing something that could put my company in trouble from a legal/copyright standpoint.



Can anybody tell me if they have done/been through/researched something similar? I do have a legal team I would vet anything through for a final thumbs up but I would prefer not to bring a big obvious "no way" item to them and get laughed out of the room... unfortunately Google has shown me different answers so I wanted to get a pulse from this group to see what you guys have done/found. 

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