My Course Will Not Go To Completion

Hi Everyone,

 I have a course that I have put on our LMS and it worked fine for the first couple of weeks. However, recently I have had the SME tell me that it will not go to completion for half of the class. I have seen some other posts on this issue and have tried a couple of things from this community board, but nothing seems to help. Will someone please tell me the reasons why a course will not go to completion after each slide has been visited and the exit button has been clicked?

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Matthew Bibby
Tara Ingram

Also, I go through the course all the way to the end and when it does not take me to completion in the LMS, it will give me the option to resume. Then it will take me back to the course and my menu will show many slides have not been visited at all. Please help!

This is because you have exceeded the suspend data limit in SCORM 1.2.

If your LMS supports it, publish to SCORM 2004 3rd Edition. That will fix this issue and possibly also solve the completion issue.

I'd also advise testing the course in SCORM Cloud. This will help isolate the issue. If it works in SCORM Cloud but not your LMS, then it is likely an issue on the LMS side of things rather than the Storyline side of things. 

Tara Ingram

Changing to SCORM 2004 has helped the problem of resuming right where I left off. Now the slides I viewed remain viewed. That's great! Thank you for the advice.

However, the course still does not go to completion. Inside of Storyline, I can get to the exit slide and complete the course. However, when I click exit and return to the LMS, the button refuses to say complete, it still says resume as though I have never completed the module. My LMS is HealthStream if that helps at all. I have put a ticket in with them but it may take a while. I feel like this is a Storyline issue though. I'm not really seeing this a a problem with the LMS. Is that right or wrong?

Scott Wiley

What other options are you using to set the completion criteria?

Slide count or quiz result?

  • Be sure it's actually meeting the criteria you choose. If it's on a quiz result, be sure your result slide is actually receiving the submitted choices and has a submit results trigger.
  • Also on the result slide, the trigger order matters. I've found that you must have the submit results trigger at the top of the stack.

Passed/Incomplete or Completed/Incomplete?

  • You might check with our LMS provider to see what the best combination of the above would be SCORM 2004 3rd or 4th Edition setting would be.
  • For us, Passed/Incomplete worked better.

Hope that helps.

Tara Ingram

SCOTT!!! Thank you so much!!  I put the complete course trigger on the exit button. Since the exit button comes up only when the user successfully completes the game board. The course goes to completion in the LMS and everything is great again! The course is published in SCORM 2004 3rd edition, goes to completion and is tracked using a complete course trigger. Thank you so much, you are an absolute life saver! I wish I could hug you, really my whole team thanks you. You are absolutely wonderful!