My eLearning Portfolio - Feedback welcome and appreciated

Not sure if this is the right place but I would like some feedback on my eLearning portfolio.  Everything is built within Storyline and I tried to offer a variety of courses to show my range of layout, design,and content. 

If you have time, let me know what you think...thanks

-Dana D.

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Bruce Graham


Looks lovely

At first glance would suggest the name (top-right) is changed to something that makes more sense, or left out completely. Change the grey background to something different, and your Twitter button makes reference to LinkedIn.

Have not looked at the courses yet, but looks very elegant - well done.


Phil Mayor

Looks nice, I would get rid of the player or at the very least recolour it get rid of the volume button and title.

Change the html background colour, set the player to scale.

I dont like the hover effect on the text where it changes case just looks wrong to me, and at least one of them the text jumps

Otherwise really nice, make sure it works for when you sned out to clients.