My first Storyline project.... feedback welcome :)

Jul 03, 2012

Ohhhhkkkkkk peeps.. I've been messing about with Storyline for ages now, but haven't actually finished anything or posted anything on here yet - so I thought I'd give it a whirl!.. It still has quite a bit more work.. I want to add questions etc. but I wanted to see what you thought of the design, layout, functionality etc.

I have also had a few issues which hopefully you guys can help me with:

1) on some browsers the project doesn't seem to load.. any ideas? Did anyone else have this problem?

2) on some pages, the font is automatically being changed to a different font.. how can I stop this happening?

Would really appreciate your feedback and comments - thanks from a drizzly, grey London !

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Bruce Graham

Steve Flowers said:

Looking good, Ant. Really love the way you ramp into the video selection screen. For the exit button to take, you need to launch in a child window (popup). Most browsers don't want to close parents because of the potential for annoying misuse and manipulation.

I thought it worked fine in IE, but needed the child window approach was required for Firefox/Chrome?


Ant Pugh

Thanks to everyone who fed back - some really positive comments which has put a spring in my step this morning

@Steve - that makes sense, I have been selecting this to launch in  the parent window (I always hate pop-ups myself!), but I will make a note of that for when I add the project into an LMS

@Bruce/Debbie - thanks for the comments :)

@Greg - it wasn't a web object or an interaction - it was just a new layer with a video added onto the layer

@Jason - yep I just knocked the videos together using iMovie.. pretty quick and dirty but do the job!

@Lynda - am surprised to hear it worked on your tablet.. obviously luck rather than judgement! But pleased that it did!!!

@Phil - thanks Phil.. I have had a few issues with the player not loading on certain computers (weirdly it doesn't seem to be one particular browser that has the issue). Re. fonts, it does seem to be variables that are having the issues.. is this a known bug?

Joe Countryman

Hi Ant, did you ever find a solution or work-a-round for your variable font issue?  I am having the same problem.  When I add a varaible to any location in my text box it changes the entire font for the whole text box. 

The only thing I was going to try is to create two seperate text boxes; one for the variable, and one for the rest of the text.  That way only the variable looks different.

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