My way around seeing user results with Healthstream LMS

I know we are all a bit possessive with our authored content, but this forum has been good to me so I thought I's share a test I created in storyline.

My LMS (Healthstream) does not allow me to limit the attempts with a scorm test, nor does it let me view individual results. As an educator I need to limit the retries, know how many attempts a student made and see what their responses were.

Limiting attempts was not awful, and I used the same logic to create a running test count on the result side. I used complete/incomplete tracking with an extra slide for passing for my LMS. What I also did was make a hidden button so that all you have to do is press f9 and you can see what the user answered. It's well hidden so I am sure no one will find it by accident.

Opinions? Suggestions? Maybe this will help someone else. Most of the action happens on slide 27.

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