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Bob S


Doesn't this exist already?  I believe MBTI has an online version of the core assessment that already includes the scoring logic and the sub-dimension profiles.

Not trying to discourage, but seems like a ton of work (AND possible copyright stickiness) to re-create something that can be accessed already.  Was there a special need that had you  heading down this path?

Bob S

Is it CPP or some such that has the publishing rights?  I can't remember.   Not sure what would be involved.

If it's really about having it recorded in your LMS (for record keeping, or tied to job profiles so you can prescribe content against certain profiles)  then two other ideas pop to mind...

  1. Work with the existing online publisher to create pseudo-integration (ie FTP report dump that your LMS picks up on a regular basis).  You can link out to external site, user takes assessment, report comes back into your LMS automatically
  2. Create a storyline "course shell" that holds a variable for the MBTI sub dimension profiles. User takes assessment externally, then enters their result(s) into your course shell.  Can dress this up so they get more info, etc as a result of this course.

Hope this helps and good luck!