Narration vs. screen reader

Here is my dilemma. I have course content that reads like a script (yes, I know not ideal but it's what the client wants). If I narrate just to make the course 508 compliant, it will sound like I'm insulting most people's reading skills. However, if I rely on the use of Alt tags for images and ensure that a screen reader can read the content, then am I better off at not turning off the participant? I guess I want to know how others handle narration when the slides are in scripted format.

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Nicole Legault

Hey Michael, 

Thanks for posting your question here. I don't have a lot of experience developing 508 compliant courses (here in Canada we have a slightly different set of Accessibility standards) but I can perhaps help you out a bit by sharing some past forum discussions on 508 that might contain some useful info for you. 

And hopefully some other community members might chime in with their tips for how they handled narration and scripts for 508 compliant content. 


Michael Long

Thanks for the resources Nicole. In one of them, I found a great post by Mike Enders that provides a nice tutorial on how to let your learners decide course functionality.  However, I'm still interested in knowing whether other course developers bypass adding narration for slides that read like a script since alt tags provide 508 compliance as an alternative for those who are visually impaired. In this case, the visually impaired end-user will have a screen reader so narration seems unnecessary. The other issue is that if the user does indeed have a screen reader and the course has narration, then the narration will begin to play while they are listening to the screen reader. Does anyone know how to address this problem?