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I have a reference slide in my course that I would like the learner to view at anytime. I know I can create a hyperlink to the slide from any slide I place the link it. However, I'm not sure how they can return to the slide they came from. I'm trying to not create a linear coure so I don't want this slide in the course three times requiring viewing when the learned finishes each section. I hope I've explained this clearly.

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Natalia Mueller

What format is the document reference?

Someone in the community (I don't recall what convo or I would link the example) posted that he used the Engage Interaction of FAQ for resources. Each FAQ was the resource title. So all of the titles displayed together like a menu. Click a Resource name and it expands to show the related info.

I realize that may not fit your resource parameters, but it's a neat idea I had filed away for future use. Can you tell us a little more about the resource slide? Is it just text or do you have hyperlinks or media inside it? If it's simple text, you could save the slide as a pdf or other Attachments-friendly format. I don't want to stay on that path if it's not what you're looking for, though. 

I can't think of any other way for them to view it ANY TIME and then return to what could be any slide in the whole course. Do you have the option to compromise and just make it available from CERTAIN slides? That would give you a solution for sure.

Either way, I hope someone here has the perfect suggestion for you! 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi All,

Sorry I don't have suggestions, Marty, but I'm following this because I'm also interested to know the answer. I too had thought of a tab, but Natalia beat me , and now I see it isn't meeting your needs.

I'm guessing there's no way to create a Player tab that links to a slide (I'm relatively new to all of this). That would be so cool and would work, I think, because the Learner could close the tab/slide. Is there any kind of code that could be attached to the slide so it would always return to previous...previous of course being the most recent slide the Learner had clicked on.

David Anderson

Hey Marty -

Could you create a simple HTML page that includes the reference material? You could then include a button on the slide master that links out to the html page. The page can be a local page or an external web page--just something learners can load outside of their course content.

If you have Flash, you could create a movie that loads over your course slide. Here's an example for creating watermarks, but the idea is the same for content slides. You would just want to create something that "closes" the slide when learners are finished viewing. If you're interested, I could put something together.

Finally, James sells a commercial widget that might work for you.

Marty King

Thanks for all the feedback. I was really hoping to be able navigate to the and from the slide. I may have to consider the ideas presenter here or make the course linear and replicate the slide throughout the course.. Natalia, the source file could be a .PDF file.  David, I don't have Flash unless I can create a .SWF file using presenter.

John Watts

I too am looking for a solution. 

My sistuation is like Mr. King's - Currently, in the elearning program the user watches some slides and is sometimes presented a link that would take them to another course.  This course can stand on its own and exists at the same level as the one the user is currently in.  Instead of being able to link the user back to the original course at the main level we have to instead copy that course below the one the user is currently in and link to that.  This causes duplication of files - they have to exist in more than one location.

Is it possible from one course to link the user back to another course that already exists?  Whether this comes up in the same window (or tab) or loads another I think either would be acceptable. 



  • Tutorial
  • Lesson 1  (want a link to take the user to the Tutorial)

    Currently have to copy the Tutorial files below this Lesson 1 structure to be able to link to it.

  • Lesson 2 (want a link to take the user to the Tutorial)

    Currently have to copy the Tutorial files below this Lesson 2 structure to be able to link to it.

Meg Bertapelle

I would think that just linking to an HTML page, whether it's on a tab or in the player interface, as long as it opens in a new window, it should do what you're asking for... 

Is this in an LMS, and if so, are you trying to track their completion of the link-out resource/course as well as the original?

If you don't need to track the link-out resource completion, then I think KISS and just do a link that opens in a new window (linking to a PDF will also work)

My 2 cents

Good luck!