Navigation during Quiz Review

Hello helpful people,

I have custom images serving as nav buttons on my master for forward / backward navigation and on quiz screens, I've made a custom SUBMIT button. 

Following instructions I found here in the community, I made a true/false variable called ReviewQuiz which I set as default to false.

On the Results slide I have triggers for the Review Quiz button. The first one says "Set ReviewQuiz equal to true when user clicks object [review quiz button]". The second one says "Review results [name] when the user clicks object [review quiz button].

My custom Submit button has the correct submit interaction, followed by "change the state of SUBMIT to hidden when the timeline starts if ReviewQuiz is equal to false".

On the individual quiz screens, my triggers for NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons are set to "change state to hidden when the timeline starts if ReviewQuiz is equal to false". My SUBMIT button is set to "change state to hidden when the user clicks if ReviewQuiz is equal to true".

I have hidden the background objects and pasted the Next/Previous buttons on the surface of the slide, because if they're coming from the master, I can't find a way to have them change behavior the Quiz pages or on the Quiz Review pages.

What I want is for the Next/Previous buttons not to show on the Quiz Review screens because if users click them they go the the next slide in the presentation.

The way I've set this up results in no Next/Previous buttons showing on the individual Quiz pages, so users must submit an answer before moving on. The SUBMIT button shows and the screen advances after clicking on Continue or whatever button is in my Feedback.

On the Review pages, the Next/Previous don't show either. It IS showing the SUBMIT button which I'd rather not see during the Review.

What I want is for the Next/Previous buttons to come back but not navigate to the next presentation position. It's probably necessary to add add a "Continue" button on my feedback master. I removed it for design issues, but I guess it's there for a reason.

I would like the SUBMIT button to be hidden on the Quiz Review screens as well, but that's not so terrible as it doesn't function. How can I hide it?

I hope what I've written makes sense!


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