Navigation Exercise

Mar 28, 2017

navigation exercise title slideWorried that my son was losing the art of visualising or even finding his location without the aid of the Internet or a SatNav I decided to replicate an exercise I undertook in the military.

In that exercise my class was shown a video and we had to follow where we were on a map (how quaint!). This was a precursor to acting as a navigator whilst another drove and eventually to navigating whilst I drove. Oh and communicating by radio and following a target simultaneously!

This project (versions: Articulate Review - My Website) uses a home-made video (using a Go Pro Hero Session redeemed from points earned on Articulate Insiders) and a Google Map.

At this basic level the video timeline is paused to enable a question to be answered but more difficult versions could include non-pausing video, timed questions and more complex questions.

How did my son get on you ask? Disappointingly well actually! He got lost on the first attempt; followed the journey accurately on the second attempt and answered all questions correctly on the third attempt. Not sure whether this indicates a marked improvement in his navigation skills or his short-term memory but at least he persevered until he'd cracked it!

Update: Several commenters have provided feedback on Articulate Review that they did not know what to do - passively watching the video and realising nothing was happening to the map.

This is a map reading exercise so you need to manipulate the map (zoom/drag) to follow the video journey. At various points the video will pause and a question asked to confirm that you have the correct point on the map.

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