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Nicole Legault

Nancy - I really loved this sample posted by David, so I re-created something similar using Storyline. 

The way I did it was to create a new layer for each clickable item. Each additional layer has a Timeline with a duration of 5 seconds, and I've added a trigger to that layer to automatically Hide the Layer when the Timeline ends. So after 5 seconds, the text description automatically fades out. Or, you can also click on the text description to hide it. 

 View the published output.

That's one way to achieve a similar effect with Storyline! =)

David Anderson

Cool demo, Nicole.

Since you did the layer for the selected objects, I thought I'd mix things up by including both image and text in the same object and use slide layers as the timers.

Here's what I came up with:

Click and Reveal Quiz

                                                                         View Demo

(Source file attached)

Jackie Van Nice

These examples are too cute.

The first thing I thought of with David's demo is that it's like a whac-a-mole game. You hit something (actually a bunch of things) as quickly as you can to make them all disappear. The more quickly you can do it, the higher your score.

How that helps anything, I'm not sure (though it definitely makes me want to create a game!) but I love the look and that it reveals info in such a cool way.

Jeff Kortenbosch

These really good examples. Easy to create and a good way to prevent textual overload on a single page. I can imagine this as a freeform (pick-many) question to score it and I do love the immediate feedback without the interruption. Makes it more of a learning experience as you are giving the learner feedback during the interaction not after when they've stopped caring.

David Anderson

Hi Katie -

The original quiz that Mashable created had the quest outside of the quiz.



Nicole placed some basic instructions on her demo "Household items that include lead" while I completely bypassed adding a question or instructions.

I think you'd want to do something like what Mashable did on the start screen or in a persistent area that makes sense with your quiz design.