Need a distribution method

I have a somewhat unique situation and would like some input.

While I will use an internal LMS for our training that is designed for our employees, I will also have some course that we wish to make available to a fairly large (tens of thousands) public audience.  We don't need tracking, transcripts, or other administrative overhead for this.  We just want to stick the courses somewhere so they will be available for use.

How would you suggest we do this?


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Tony Jameson

Hi Lawrence, I would really recommend building a site on Wordpress, it's very, very simple. 

My personal blog is on the most basic version: Chris SEO Journey

If you have it hosted you can install all sorts of widgets.  There is a whole wordpress community that blog and forum about it and you can have some amazing sites. BMW cars have a word press site.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Kelly Meeker

You could also add them to the OpenSesame marketplace ( If you're not familiar with OpenSesame, we're a marketplace for elearning courses - sort of like Amazon or iTunes for the elearning world. Most folks choose to sell their courses on OpenSesame, but you can also offer them there for free if you like! That would mean anyone could "purchase" the course and either take it on OpenSesame or download a SCORM package to use in their LMS. Please feel free to ping me if you have any questions! 

David Anderson

Ari Avivi said:

I was looking at the same thing, but wordpress can't handle .swf files so it isn't an option for articualte content unless i'm missing something and if so I'd be very happy to be proven wrong.

Hi Ari - you can embed Articulate content (.swfs and .html) into WordPress. It only requires embedding within an iframe. Brian created a WordPress plugin for easily embedding your projects in your blog.