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Steve Flowers

Hi Sahil - 

It's possible to get this done but it takes a little trickery:) 

  • Start by rotating whatever you want to have scroll wide 90 degrees counter clockwise and inserting into a scrolling panel.

  • Then create another shape. It can be anything. Don't worry, we can make this shape transparent later.

  • Group the shape and the scrolling panel. Notice how you get a rotation handle now.

  • Rotate the shape until the scrollbar is where you want it. In Storyline 1, I don't believe you could see the change in the preview. It works in publish.

When you're done, expand the group (don't ungroup or it will break the transformation) and select the shape, remove the stroke and make the shape color transparent. 

Deanna Brigman

You can cut the image into smaller pieces and put them on different layers with buttons that allow you to "move" to the left and right. It isn't as elegant as a scroll bar but will allow the user to view more content. Sort of how galleries work on websites.

Alternatively, you could use the Storyline 2's slider functionality to make it a bit more like a scrolling panel. Again, you would have to cut the image into smaller pieces, but it should give you what you are looking for.

Jeremy Dourley

I was able to get the horizontal scroll bar, but the picture, which I dropped in, would not show completely regardless of where the scrollbar was positioned.  The picture was cut off and it was overly challenging to manipulate the scroll bar considering adjustments were based off the original vertical axis.  I am sure that the workaround will work for objectives with smaller graphics involved.  I will continue to play with this workaround, when I get the time.  I am very surprised that the horizontal scroll bar option is not available.

Nejc Žorga Dulmin

You could also use 2 sliders. One is the slider, that the user drags, the other one is the content you could put in the thumb of the other slider that has the inverse values, so when you move one, the other one moves in the opposite direction.

But of course, this all depends on the type of content that you have.