Need a quick screencapture with a step-by-step process? Use PSR (native on Win 7 / 8)

Ever need a quick screen capture to record the steps using an application or computer, but don't want to launch a full screen recording software? Try this:

Another potential use is to have subject matter experts use it to show you the steps they need before you create a design. It will create a single file which is able to be sent via e-mail. Here's how you do it.

  1. Click start and type "psr" in the search or run box.
  2. Select the psr icon that comes up, open the application
  3. Click on the drop down arrow all the way on the right side of the new small window that opens.
  4. Select settings
  5. Change "number of recent screen captures to store:" to 100 (win7) or 999 (win8)
  6. Click OK
  7. Click "Start record"
  8. Follow your process, then click "Stop"
  9. Save the file
  10. Open the file to see the steps, compelte with screenshot.

Hope this is useful!


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