Need a result slide for a pick many slide, which gives the percentage of the correct answers.


I have created an e-learning with pick many slides as question. Can s0mebody help me to create a result slide, which gives the percentage of the correct answers for every pick many slide.

For example 3 correct of 5 correct answers =60% like in a graded slide.

I was just able to create a result slide which tells me right or wrong.

Thank you!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Burak

do you mean for each Pick Many slide you want to score them xx points and you want this to appear on the result slide? Unfortunately SL doesn't do partial scoring for the PM type.

Do you need this score to be sent to the LMS or just shown to the learner?  If sent to the LMS you would probably need to create a custom variable to capture the score and use JS to send that score to the LMS.

Need more information to be able to help you and if you can share the .story file so we can see your setup that would be good to.