need advice about an LMS issue

How can I be certain that my storyline 2 program has an exit slide that is recognized in Healthstream LMS? The problem: ... creating SCORM 1.2 zip packages that act properly on the front end; however, when closing the SCORM module, HealthStream remains "In-Progress." [the person with whom I am working]have checked that the author [me] is coding these modules properly - and in fact, courses created in the past in identical fashion closed properly; they ceased to work in HealthStream only recently. 
This is the message the Healthstream folks sent me: Essentially, for the course to show complete in HealthStream, the criteria for completion would need to be met, for example, going through all of the slides. Then at the end of the course something must trigger LMSfinish. This is usually an exit button at the end of the course that triggers LMSfinish and tells HealthStream that the course is complete. If nothing is triggering that then the course will remain in progress. First I would check that you have something at the end of the course triggering that it is complete. You may need to contact articulate if you are having difficulty determining if it is.

Even when I made an ending slide with a trigger (button) called "exit course" and the trigger action is "exit course" when the "user clicks" the button, the course will not close and register as completed in this LMS. Is there something I am missing? Thanks!


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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Ellen.  This article describes when a course communicates completion to an LMS.  We have some LMS Troubleshooting steps to see if we can identify where a breakdown could be occurring.  Included in those steps is testing in SCORM Cloud.  If the course isn't communicating completion in SCORM Cloud either, it would suggest the problem is specific to the file.  If the course reports properly in SCORM Cloud, it could be a problem on the LMS side.