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I love this forum so I'm asking for help with something that is stressing me out. I'm enrolled in an eLearning Certificate program and I love what I'm learning.  I'd love to be able to apply my skills at some point in my career. My fear is that I won't truly get very far with my learning unless I purchase an authoring tool. I had a great experience with the trial version of Articulate 360 but I can't justify paying for it at this point since I don't work directly in eLearning. Has anyone else encountered this dilemma at some point? What would you do? 

Thank you!

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Nicole Legault

Hi there Kandice!

That's a great question. Powerpoint is actually an amazing tool for creating e-learning that most people have access to. Maybe consider building out some content in PPT in the meantime, just to fill up your portfolio and make sure you have examples. You can do tons of cool stuff like linking between slides, etc. in PPT to create some pretty cool-looking e-learning samples.  If you have access to PPT I would definitely suggest that!

Ulises Musseb

Hello. I had that same problem a few years ago when I was in similar position. Something that helped me was looking for open source software that can help accomplish the same thing we do with commercial software.

remember, it's more about the skills that you develop when creating and developing eLearning, than it is about using a specific development tool.