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Jaishree Jaidev

I need some ideas on how to go about with making a module for goal setting. I am looking for something that is very interactive and interesting. 

As such the Goal setting module tells us almost the same boring stuff. So if I make the module with a lot of interactions and puzzles, quizzes it would be fine I suppose.

The only thing that I want to accomplish is that I want the entire module to become interesting.

Allison LaMotte

Hi Jaishree!

One idea would be to create a module centered around a character that needs to set goals. You could then show the character going through each step and have the learners help him/her choose the right options.

This approach allows people to see the practical application of the information and is more likely to catch their attention then a series of bullet-point slides.

Bob S

Don't know why.... but for some reason a Zelda-like hero/ine that has to face a series of challenges pops to mind.   Think of all the classic riddle-type challenges/creatures to be defeated!  Eg. The sphynx presents a situation and you cannot pass until you formulate a SMART goal around it.... then he lets you pass. 

Could even make it like one of those old adventure books where you choose your path and different consequences occur. Each one of course relating to some goal setting / keeping tip.  Eg "Oh you forgot to make your goal public, lose 4 success points".

Jackie Van Nice

Just to piggyback on Allison's excellent idea, I always find it helpful (attention-getting, motivating, and fun) to also show the character facing the consequences of not exhibiting the desired behavior.

What happens if they don't set any goals? What if they set goals that don't follow your guidelines? (Too ambitious, too easy, not really targeted to meet the end goal, etc.) Usually if the consequence is presented simply and quickly - while being exaggerated, meaningful, and/or funny enough to make your point - it can add a lot to the course.