Need assistance for SCORM Cloud

Jun 18, 2018

This is the first time I am using SCORM cloud. When I upload a course it worked perfectly and reported the score as well. There is another report type called 'Learning Objectives'.

When uploading a course how to set these learning objectives?

How can we capture the completion, satisfaction, score and progress?

Is there any document/ article where I can read and learn this?

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Sanduni Fernando

Hi Leslie, 

Thanks for looking into this. I could resolve the problem on points thanks to Mateusz. But still I need some support to set Learning Objectives on SCORM could and fill the report on how the user covered 'completion', 'satisfaction', 'score' and 'progress'.

This is the first time I am dealing with a LMS hence, bit stuck there. :(

Leslie McKerchie

Ah, thanks for clarifying Sanduni. You may be looking for a custom solution here as well. Currently Storyline does not utilize the Objective item as you can see in this documentation.

I did notice that you had a totally customized solution set-up and didn't know if you'd considered the built-in options so that scoring would work as expected:

I noticed that you built a custom result slide and had some custom scoring as well.

I wanted to share a sample of your same course with the built-in options utilized. The published course is here and project attached.

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