Need Captivate Variable Help

Jan 26, 2016

I have a course that I've built in some interactivity where the user enters text in a text box. It doesn't matter what they enter (No right answer, not case sensitive, etc.), but I need to store what they enter and when they get to the next slide, it shows up in another text box.

I know I need a variable to store this information, but I'm unfamiliar with variables. I attempted to create my own but I'm stuck.  I'm using Cap 5.5 but I have Cap 9, too. Any help would be appreciated.

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Jodi Albarano

This is exactly what I needed and I got it to work in my version as well. The only problem I have now is that if I type in two lines of text or enough that the text box scrolls sideways, I'm not seeing the rest of the text. For example, I typed in "Welcome to our company! We are so glad you're here!" All I see in the next slide with the code is "Welcome to our"

I thought maybe it was a size adjustment but the box is as large as it can be and is more than enough to capture that amount of text. Suggestions? Thank you so much!

Jodi Albarano

I found it! I inserted a text caption and displayed the variable and right when I inserted it, I had the option to set the character limit. But oddly enough, I could only set the limit if I did it right when I inserted the text caption with the associated variable. Anyways.. it works perfectly! Thanks again for your help! This is a huge learning for me to be able to do some newer things! :) Much appreciated!

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