Need Documentation/Workflow on Plateau Learning Management System

Feb 26, 2012

For my learning purpose, I need some documentation and real workflows specific to PLMS (Plateau Learning Management System). I would really appreciate if someone can help.

I have already gone through the information available on LMS capabilities (, though I am more interested to learn PLMS

Please drop me a note directly ( for any help that you can provide me.

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mashrur nabi

Hi Shailin,

We are currently using Plateau as a hosted solution and publish all our courses as AICC. We had difficulties with SCORM due to cross site scripting issues. We have had nil issues with AICC publishing, including articulate courses and other courses.

Shoot me an e-mail on if you have any specific questions. 

Shailendra Singh


I have drafted few pointers, please check if someone can get me some information on below points:
- Scope of Plateau- Overview
- Creation of product (item)
- Schedule offering of product
- Segment Creation, Student Registration
- Attendance tracking
- Score report (to give different exam. of related user)
- Understand Content
- Exam, Drill, Core Test etc
- Scorm import

Thanks in advance!

mashrur nabi

I would love to share the documentation but I am under NDA.

I can provide some general comments on the following though:

- Scope of Plateau- Overview

Plateau consists of different modules, performance management, learning management to succession planning etc. You can buy all the modules or pay for one specific module. Licensing model works on a sliding scale of economies.

- Creation of product (item)

The basic building block in plateau is an item. Each item can than be tracked or combined to form a curriculum. Another way to look at an item is as if its a template that you can schedule or offer.

Lets say you make an item that is a classroom item. You would than offer that to your learners as an offering, that can be published to the training calendar that people can than register for.

- Schedule offering of product

Its quite good if you are not looking at tracking resources. The resources tracking needs a lot more work in my opinion as you do not have a snapshot clickable view of your resource utilization and need to defer to reports.

- Attendance tracking

Attendance tracking is done by an administrator who logins and sets completion records (Attended, absent, etc) at the end of the offering.

- Score report (to give different exam. of related user)

I am not sure what you mean by this. But you can define our own scoring matrix or completion statuses.

- Understand Content

Again not sure what you mean by this.

- Exam, Drill, Core Test etc

They have question bank functionality & standard question types.

- Scorm import

We have had issues with scorm import and have deferred to AICC which gave us no issues at all.

Eric Nalian


In Plateau v6.4, the processes are all wizard driven, and once you navigate to the area you need to, you can just follow all of the prompts.

  • Creation of product (item): Click on Learning + Add New - Follow the wizard
  • Schedule offering of product - On Learning/Scheduled Offering - You can follow the wizard.
  • Segment Creation, Student Registration - This is done as part of creating an item/scheduled offering.  The segments are set up after an item is created, and students can register after a class has been scheduled.
  • Attendance tracking - This can be done through the API of most webinar software (for example, WebEx)
  • Score report (to give different exam. of related user) - On the reports menu, there are many reports.  Custom reports can be created as well.
  • Understand Content - Survey's/Evaluations can be created for each item
  • Exam, Drill, Core Test etc - There is a built in question/test wizard/tool
  • Scorm import - see Mashrur's comment

Plateau's helpdesk can help with the specifics of all of this as well.

Laetitia ARETE


I'm new in the community and I need help about tracking in my LMS.
I published my presentation (eLearning module) in Scorm 1.2 and chose to track using a result quiz with passed/failed (because there is a quiz in my module).
When I load it into the LMS, I don't see in the reports if a user passed or failed.
I use the LMS called "GATE" (also called "Plateau Learning"). This LMS allows to create your own exam inside the platform. However, I don't need to use this function because I have already my own quiz in my module.
Does someone knows how to do to track the score users ?
Is my LMS ("Plateau Learning" - "GATE") allow me to edit reports with tracking results?

Thanks for your help!

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