Need help building a better quiz.

Problem #1: I am looking to build a gameified quiz that involves racing on foot to a target. There would only be two characters racing, one good and one bad. The goal is that once the learner gives the correct response the good guy is boosted to the win. The trouble I run into is the motion is too clunky and I want to give the learners a chance to use the references.  Is there any way i can make the good guy go slow until the learner gives the correct answer, then speed him up so he reaches the target first? Should i make two separate animations, one for a right response and one for a wrong one?

Problem #2: I am using the Freeform Drag and Drop to make my questions. Currently I have eight objects that are sorted into four bins. is there any way, other than making separate slides for each object, that I can give a right/wrong response for each object?

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Terry Coe

What I would like is to have the characters movements incremented by one motion everytime the learner answers correctly. That way if the learner gets all the questions right, the hero wins the race to the target, other wise the bod guy wins and they have to start over. In Davids picture example I would want a feedback every time the learner moves a piece, right or wrong. then tying that to a trigger for the race against the bad guy.  

I am trying to ge tthe published version on here but I dont know which file to attach to let you see what I am doing.  

Calvin Lo

Problem #1 is tricky... so both characters are constantly moving towards the finish line and speeds up depending if you got the answer right or wrong? what if the you took your time answering the question? will the characters end up at the finish line without you doing anything? so you put a timer per question but unless quick thinking is a requirement for your topic, i don't think that's a good idea.


Terry Coe

I think that maybe I could find a way to use the Right/Wrong count from the quiz to increment both runners. That way I would not have to worry about the speed as much as the triggers. Now i am wondering how to inject the right/wrong counts into the triggers and make sure the at least one of them gets to the target...

Mike Enders

Hi Terry,

Quick thought.

If I'm understanding correctly, you want to have two runners, one being the bad, the other the good.  You want some form of movement and motion to simulate the race.

How about this....

1. Use Two Sliders.  Each slider's thumbnail is replaced with an image of the runner.

2. Each slider could be set to have X number of stops.

3. You add X number of cue points to the timeline and use triggers to increment the bad runner at each cue point.  This way, the bad runner has a set pace to reach the finish line (or in this case, the end of the slider).

4. You can increment the good runner along it's slider based upon the responses by the learner.  So if they drag an item to a correct location, the runner increments forward.




Terry Coe

Thats kind of my goal in this.  i would also want the bad guy to increment as well, so that if the learner doesnt get the minimum number of correct answers, the bad guy will get to the target first.

the trouble comes with making the triggers for this process and how i can intuitively inject the right/ wrong count from the quiz slide into the slide with the characters, making it respond the the learners input.

Calvin Lo

How about going with states? depends on how many correct answers a runner need to reach the finish line, that's the number of states each runner object is. 

Then create a trigger for each state for each runner tied to the number of correct or wrong answer. runner one is tied to correct variable, runner two is tied to wrong variable which you increment based on the result.

here's a rough concept on how to set up the triggers using one object with 5 states. the submit button assumes you are getting the correct answer every time you hit it.

Mike Enders


You'll only be able to get one "grade" out of that particular slide.  However, if you do use, say a slider, and variables, you could pass that variable value on to the next slide and adjust the slider accordingly.  I attached a quick example here.  Note, this isn't set up as a quiz slide, but the concept would hold.  You could easily create a series of question slides and get the sliders to look like they are a permanent fixture.

In the example I attached, I have the bad guy running based upon the clock (adjusting via cue points) and the good guy moving based upon correct drops.  If you drop, say, just two correct and then click the next button, you'll notice that position remains the same.   This is because I'm passing the variables from the slider on the first slide to the sliders on the 2nd slide.

I've got to log off for a bit, but will try to mock up something later.  


Terry Coe

Looking at what you mocked up in the previous comment, could you increment the bottom runner for wrong answers and the top runner for right answers?

Could you inject an If/Then/Else type condition that would allow victory or failure, similar to scripting... i.e. 

if bottom guy increments more than "x" times

    Then learner retakes lesson

    Else learner moves to next lesson


Also, could I insert my own character as a thumb in the slider?

Mike Enders


I created a simple example here with 2 racers.  Top racer increments if the answer is correct, bottom racer if answer is incorrect.

Items of note:  

1. Drag items have a drop correct state.

2. Variable increments based upon the state of the objects.

3. Variables are passed along and set the slider start points on the subsequent slides.