Need Help! Drag, Drop, Reveal, Repeat

Hi Everyone,

I've been fighting with this interaction for a few days and I really need some help. I feel like the solution is SO easy that I'll kick myself when I find it but so far I'll gladly take that kick if someone can help me out.

Project: this is for a compliance training and learners are earning their "Badge of Responsibility" by breaking down the wall to reveal their individual responsibilities in preventing Fraud, Waste, & Abuse.

Help!    Interaction Idea/Goal: Behind the Brick Wall blocks(4) is a badge. I want the user to be able to drag the hammer to the wall and click a brick block. The block will disappear (change state to hidden?) and a layer (responsibility) will appear for them to review. They will close the layer (easy enough to do) and return to the page and and find the hammer back on its starting point for them to use again to repeat that process for the other 3 bricks.

I've tried to figure out how to do this with a Drag/Drop free form slide but I'm struggling with the "submit" when the user drops the hammer and then for the hammer to move back to the starting point after they view the layer so they can start again. Also for there to be one hammer with multiple drop points accepted as 'correct', etc.




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Ridvan  Saglam

Hi Amy, 

That was a really good idea and a bit hard to make it work smoothly. I worked on your story a little, and made some small changes. I didn't use a drag and drop question but used some triggers. When the hammer is drag over the wall, a new layer appears. I hid the hammer and wall after 0.25 sec, but hammer will turn to normal when the layers closed.

Story is attached and see a preview here;