Need help on an activity design

I am working on the attached activity, and have a question. There are 6 locations for the learner to choose from. Each location has a series of scenarios on the layers. As the user progresses through the activity, they have the option of returning to a previous location if desired.  As you can see from the file, when they click a location button, e.g. Home, it takes them to the base layer of the Home scene.  Is there anyway to get Storyline to recognize that a particular scenario has already been viewed at a location, so that if the learner decides to return to a previous location, they don't have to see previously viewed scenarios again?  If anyone has the time to take a look at this (the home and apartment locations are most completed) and offer some suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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Liz Armstrong

yep. You can create a learner has completed state for each scenario, perhaps with a tick on it so the learner knows it has been done, then create a completed variable. It's a true false variable and the default value is false. You need a variable for each scenario.

You can then put a trigger on the scenario to toggle the variable to the completed state when the user clicks on whatever . . . maybe the next scenario.

You can use this process to show when a learner has completed each section of a tab interaction too. 

Kay Patel

Hi Wendy


Can you please send me the file which you were talking about to my email address?

I have attached the story which I am working using Walt's .stroyfile and this is like the 5th time I have done it and I can not get it to work.

The last slide is the confusing one, can you please have a look for me and let me know where I am going wrong?




Wendy Farmer

Hi Kay

when you are creating the variables you need to create them as a 'True/False' variable not a 'Text' variable.  Then when they are used in a trigger you will see the dropbox. Your 3 variables are created as Text variables - look at my example the 3 I created sec1, sec2 etc are True/False variables.

Heather Lofquist

Hi Wendy!

I am working on a similar project - it's a tab-based course. I want the learners to navigate the tabs in any order they wish and I want a Begin Quiz button to show up once all tabs have been visited. I've been "fighting" with Storyline2 to get this to work. I have set up variables to for tab completions (i.e. once all buttons have been clicked, variable = true). I set up the Begin Quiz button on every tab to start as hidden but to trigger it to show when all tabs are complete. However, this only makes the Begin Quiz button show up on the last tab visited (vs on all tabs). Do you have a suggestion/idea on how I can get that dratted button to show up on all my tabs once all the tabs have been viewed?

Donna Carter

I was finally able to complete my activity, and am pretty happy with the outcome.  Just a few outstanding issues remain.  At the end of the activity is a reset button.  I set the beginning screen so that it resets to the original, and also added a trigger to the reset button to change the values for the money cards and assistance cards to their original value when clicked.  Unfortunately, the cards aren't changing value.  Also, I can't figure out how to keep the values on the cards from going to less than zero e.g. negative values.  If anyone has the time to take a look at the file, and help me out, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!