Need help/suggestions! Hundreds of hours of content that needs updated!

Jan 21, 2016

We create content for schools that is delivered from within our own humble LMS system. Schools buy subscriptions to use our library of content. We currently create NEW content using SL2 (because it's amazing), but long before Articulate products, we spent years and years creating web delivered content. It's true page image on the left, text on the right, in html. Sometimes a question slide. The text is narrated, but otherwise, major snoozer. (Occasionally instead of a still image, there's a Flash presentation, created in Flash...but those pieces just take so long to create for what they are). 

It's old. It's boring. It needs updated. It's hundreds of hours of content, so putting it into SL is just a mind numbing thought. Also, what DOES get accolades, is that it works really well on mobile...better than the SL2 content does. 

In a perfect world (maybe), I would use something that I could plug in on a page here and there that would allow for something more interactive...but that I wouldn't need to reconstruct all this curriculum. Something that I can create with a rapid development tool would be ideal. 

Anyone have any ideas they can fire off at me?? Anything!  If you have great ideas but would like to see more, I can get you more details and let you see it first hand. Thanks in advance!!!

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Christy Tucker

Could you go through this old curriculum and identify places where adding an interactive practice would have a lot of impact? That's a short term fix, but it would add some engagement and practice opportunities while still using your existing content. Maybe you'd create some new presentations for key points where students often get confused or struggle.

Also, I know this is heresy on these boards, but if mobile isn't working well enough in SL2, Captivate or Lectora might be better choices.

In the long run, you probably do want to redo it all, but I understand why you can't do so immediately. I would start evaluating the courses and prioritizing them, maybe by courses that are used the most and are in the worst shape. Create a plan to start rebuilding them. Maybe you can only do a few courses a year, but you have to start somewhere.

David Jordan

 I would think that if your just trying to spruce up the old content instead of redoing it you could just add some "Practice this concept" links in a few spots that would point to a story.html 

Im a pretty big fan of flash and AS3 and if your already utilizing it, i would think that creating some interactive parts in as3 and just placing them in would be a fairly simple solution if you have someone who can pump out that kind of work for you. creating animations and interactive content in as3 is definitely harder and more time consuming that SL2, but you get a lot more options and freedom, which you might need to make it work with content already there.

but like Christy said, redoing them should definitely be on the agenda. 

Bob S

Hi Kristin,

It can seem daunting, but  in the end it's really just an age-old business/project dilemma.....   Y amount of needs and x amount of time/resources to address them.

The solutions too are really the same...

  • Look for the greatest RISK (which ones will cause bad things if they aren't touched)
  • Look for the greatest ROI  (as suggested above)
  • Add resources (in the form of headcount or outsourcing help)
  • Reduce expectations (in this case, lowering quality of fixes as suggested above)
  • Extend the timeline (especially for low risk and low ROI products)

I know all of this seems pretty "duh, Bob", but when facing something overwhelming it can often be helpful to remind ourselves that this is nothing that others haven't faced before and no one died..... at least not that we know of.  ;-)

Hope this helps.


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