Need help with an E-Learning (Kind of a Quizz)

Jun 15, 2016


I have to built a E-learning with questions on the beginning to see witch categories the learner has to get.

1. Question  - Answer 1 - Answer 2 - Answer 3 - Answer 4

2. Question - Answer 1 - Answer 2 - Answer 3 - Answer 4

3. Question - Answer 1 - Answer 2 - Answer 3 - Answer 4

4. Question - Answer 1 - Answer 2 - Answer 3 - Answer 4

Here the learner picked 2 times Answer 1 and once Answer 2+3

Answer 1 has 1 Point; Answer 2 has 2 Points; Answer 3 has 3 Point; Answer 4 has 4 Points, now I would like to count how often he pickts answers with 1 Point and 2 Point and so on.

Is there a way without JavaSkript to count this kind of answers?

 Thank you for the feedbacks.

 The Test-E-Learning is also attached, so maybe somebody can help me.

Thanks and Greats,


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Bianca Kleinmann

Hi Joanne, thanks, but it is not helping me. 

I try to explain it again:

We have 4 E-Learnings, and we would like to know which e-learning he has to do

1. E-Learning has Women VIP',  Men VIP's and Child VIP's components

2. E-Learning has Women VIP's and Child VIP's components

3. E-Learning has Women VIP's components

4. E-Learning has Men VIP's components

So  if the user is done with the questions we need to know how often he pickt an answer where the solution was Women VIP's, Men VIP's ans Child VIP's, and than show the E-Learning where the components are Women, Men or Child. - If he picked 2 times Women  and 2 times child so he gets the E-learnig 1-3. -- If he pickts answers where 3 times Men und one time Child he will get to see E-Learning 1 and 4

So the answers are not all the time in the same order, or do not have every componet .

Hope everybody understand what I am looking for.

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