Need help with assessment!

Hi all!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I posted in the other forum and didn’t get a response, so I’m looking.m for help here.

I am looking to create an assessment where the user answers questions based on a likert scale (1-5), and depending on each answer they give, it gives feedback. There are 10 questions and therefore 50 responses.
Where it gets tricky, is I need those answers compiled in an email or a PDF so when they’re done with the self assessment, they can reference the feedback. Any thoughts as to how to build it? Any and all suggestions welcome!

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Michael OConnor

You could add a trigger 'send email' when the user clicks the submit button (for the quiz). Stipulate the email address in the trigger. It could go to a mailbox or other designated email address. 

Having the email go to back to the user is more problematic as a variable would somehow need to be incorporated. 

Alternatively, the trigger could be set to 'print results'.

I have not tested these, as the file would need to be published (not preview mode).