Need Help with Bar Graph Animations


I'm working on a project and trying to get a smooth animation transition to work, and I don't know how to fix it. 

The idea is, when the user clicks on the various options, the bars move up and down accordingly in a smooth motion and not jumping to the initial state of the path and then moving to the final location. I tried relative start point... but that makes it keep moving in a straight line off the slide every time the user clicks the option. Would putting a t/f variable fix this issue? Haven't tried it yet, but figured I'd come here first. 

Bar Animation Demo

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Jenna Gallagher

Hey Ben, This looks really nice so far. Can I ask why you have the initial state of the bars to be kind of half full? What if the graph started without any bars and then you used three different layers to show the distinctions?

I know that might not be exactly what you are going for but its my best shot at it for now.

Carol North

Hey Ben

Love the colours! Perhaps you could try using states instead of motion paths (and perhaps animate them with wipe to animate them up and down. Just a thought? 

Remember to animate the bars before adding them to states as the animate task bar is grayed out in its usual state. Hope that makes sense.