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Chris Cole

Hi Ari.  I made the changes in the file I uploaded earlier. Works fine as far as I can tell. When I click the first checkbox the Totals variable increments; when I uncheck it it decrements. I only did the first check box, but you only need to copy my two triggers from the first check box button to the other two buttons and you should be done. Is something not working as you expect in the file I uploaded earlier?


Ari Avivi

Hello All,

The sound you hear is me repeatedly thudding my head against the desk.  I found the error and it was entirely a user ( me ) issue.  You would think on a 27 inch monitor it would be easier to see the difference between is and is not ;(

As always I'm in debt to the community.

thanks for everyone's help.  The problem has been solved.

Chris Cole

Back when we used to do a lot of Openscript coding in Toolbook, we would often talk to another developer about something we couldn't get to work right, and more often than not just describing the issue to the other person would magically reveal the solution with no input from the other person. We called it Openscript Therapy. :)