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Apr 12, 2011

Good morning!

I'm trying to use Articulate to build an orientation to our organization for prospective members that we will ultimately post on our website. We have the content and structure pretty well sketched out, but now I'm trying to figure out how to translate that into Articulate...and this is where I could use some guidance from more experienced minds than my own.

What they would like to do is have a mandatory introduction followed by several topic sections that are optional - people can click on the ones that are of interest to them and skip the others. (I'd rather they have to see everything, but I think I'll lose this battle.) This is where it gets tricky: they also want a mandatory concluding section. Can I do that without making all of the previous content sections required viewing?


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Kim Statom

A similar work around I've done for this in the past uses Articulate's branching capabilities.   The introduction  leads into a "menu" slide where the user can click whichever topics they wish to see in the order they wish to see them.  The user is instructed to click "Next" when they have viewed all the desired topics.  The topics on the menu are hyperlinked to other slides.  When user completes each topic, the branching automatically brings them back to the "menu."  When the user clicks next from the menu, the branching takes them to the conclusion. 

Meg Bertapelle

I would agree with Kimberly - you can do everything you describe with a branching solution.  I like to build out the scenario/branching in a mind-map to show myself visually how it will work

(good free software is XMind - works similarly to MindManager, but free)

you can also just use a PPT or even visio (or other charting software) to help you plan.

there's some other cool posts about how to make the menu slide different the second time you see it (say without the flashy animation that you might use the first time, or instructions that aren't needed the 2nd time around) here on the community - but I forget where to find it.

Good luck & have fun!


David Anderson

Hi Amy-

Here's a quick mockup of what the branching (as suggested by Meg, Kimberly and Shelly) might look like:

I first set the Player Template to "Restricted" and then used branching for the optional slides.

Another approach would be to use on-slide hyperlinks and use Slide Properties to lock specific slides you want the user to view.

Source file for demo

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