Need Help With Zoom Region (Beginning of Frame)

I'm very clear on how to use the zoom region feature, but I seem to be having a problem with the effect starting already zoomed in at the beginning of the frame.

1. The zoom region starts on frame 0. I checked that first thing)

2. Your tutorial video clearly states that you can start already zoomed in without it showing the full frame for a quarter second prior.

I've tried this now on two frames, and each are like this. It shows the whole slide for a blip, then quickly starts the zoom region, then gradually zooms out like it should.

Is this just a bug because I'm "previewing" this? Will it look normal once published? 

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Darryl Benson

Steve Gannon said:

Darryl, prior to previewing or publishing, try right-clicking on the region you have zoomed and set the Zoom Transition Speed to "Instantaneous." Does that help?

Yes, the effect now starts at the beginning of the slide. I guess I have to then make a new zoom after it to zoom it out? If so, thanks for the help! I'll try that out right now, in fact...