Need Ideas for creating compliance training

I need to create a training on client data privacy and all the info I have been given is in SOPs. I don't want the training to be another version of the SOP - because then there is no need for the training because employees can read the SOP. But I also don't know how to approach it and have run out of ideas.

Any ideas will be very much appreciated.

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Christy Tucker

Can you do something scenario based? I'd look at creating a scenario related to a privacy breach, ideally something branching where learners can make decisions and see the consequences if they make bad choices. One way you could hook learners at the start would be by showing a mock news headline about a big privacy breach. Then you could back up and give learners a chance to prevent that crisis.

Bob S

Hi Audrey,

Business Pragmatist warning ahead...   Are you certain of the real reason the training is being requested?

We training-types all love to make things engaging and interactive (it's in our nature!), but sometimes the business just needs a box checked. If so, consider holding your nose and create something super simple and short.... at least being respectful of your learner's time.

If however there is an actual business need to address...  Risk has been escalating, restructuring and new employees are unaware of polices, etc etc....   Then consider going for it and making the courses as engaging and meaningful as practicality allows.

The most powerful question we have as ID's is "What do you want them to be able to DO after the training that they can't do right now?"    This can illuminate the approach we need to take.... even if the answer is "Nothing, we just have to train it".   :-)

Good luck and hope this helps!

Bob S

Oh good. Then scenario-based is a great way to go for sure.

For what it's worth... another thing we've done in the past for this sort of thing, is to create a panel of "expert" characters that give advice along the way. In each situation the learner gets to choose which expert to listen to knowing all along that each of them has their own "slant' on every situation. One can be customer-focused (even to the exclusion of following rules), one can be the "short cut" person that skips any policies or rules that are complicated, one can be the rules stickler regardless of common sense, etc etc.

Good luck!