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Allison LaMotte

Hi Tejashrree,

The best way to make sure that your course is short and effective is to start by defining your course objectives. Think about why experienced project managers need this course and how will it help them do their jobs.

Once you've defined your objectives, cut out any content that doesn't support them.

Here are some articles that you may find useful:

I hope that's helpful! :)

Michael North

I’d say best to make it as real as possible, speak to the project managers (or check your incident log if available) to find out about incidents that have occurred before.

if the objective is to give an understanding of the topic, present scenarios and use feedback to deliver your content.

If the intent is to have them be able to complete a risk assessment you might want to include this and create more or a case study.

We just created a course where the user is in a situational environment, and needs to identify common hazards and then respond with the right controls, each hazard becomes increasingly difficult and is addressed at various levels (injury, fatality, disaster) 

Good of luck with it, these ones can be fun especially if you get to blow something up (worse case scenario).