Need new design ideas to create a panel interview course

I have written a panel interview course to train employees the do's and dont's of serving on an interview panel. I have looked through hundreds of templates but am having trouble finding one that fits. I would like one that inlcudes two charachters that I could use to represent the hiring manager and the employee she has asked to serve on the panel. These charchters would only appear on slides that introduce a new topic. I am using Storyline 3 and my organization does not want us to use cartoon people. Our organization is also a casual one so busniess people dressed in suits is also out. Can anyone help me find a template that you think would work?  I also need several poses and different expressions.Thank you!

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denise mccluskey

Thanks! These look great. Unfortunately I do not have access to the 360 content library. I only have Storyline 3 at my disposal. That is part of my challenge.

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Allison LaMotte

That's too bad! Unfortunately, our characters aren't sold separately, but maybe some other community members have some other ideas for you.

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