Need Next Button to Appear after all Hovered

Hi All!


I've read other discussions, but can't seem to get this to work for me.  I set the initial state of a button to Hidden and want it to appear after all 4 objects have been hovered over.  I attempted to make variables for each objects (turning each variable to true once hovered) and then set a trigger to say when all variables are true make button appear, but I am not having luck.  Can anyone assist?  





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Diane Fallier

When I need this functionality I usually make the user click on the object. The problem with hover is that it's a transient state. Clicking on an object makes the state of the object visited and does not change. You also can leave the object in the visited state so the learner can tell what has been looked at and what hasn't (good when you have more objects). If you use the visited state, you can create a trigger that does this: change the state of the button to normal when the state of all the objects of interest are visited. When you choose state of for the when of the trigger, it automatically pops up a window where you can select objects from the slide.