Need Presenter and Storyline freelance guru for contract work

Dec 05, 2012

12/7: hank you to all that contacted me. At this time, I am not looking for any more submissions. Thanks!

I've been given the OK to search for a freelance contractor to work on some projects my team is overloaded with right now. We are looking for one to start, and if things go well, there could be more work in the coming months, and perhaps some occasional longer term work in times when we are overloaded with projects.

I have some very specific guidelines and requirements for these projects, so please read to make sure you qualify and are still interested:

  • You would have to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before starting due to the nature of our work.
  • Projects would be negotiated/paid PER PROJECT, not hourly. This would include updates and fixes to work, so bids should take these things into consideration. If the project scope changed severely and required more work, we would discuss new costs at that time.
  • Turn-around times would be expected based on how long I feel it should take to complete. All of the work this would be for is all work I have been doing for a couple years now, so I'm aware of the amount of hours expected to complete them.
  • All source files and materials would be our property and you would not be able to keep/use anything you created for your own portfolio, unfortunately.
  • Payment to you is made net-30, I believe (you would be paid 30 days after invoice of completion of the work).
  • Good-to-great graphic design experience is required, as you may have to create images that are not part of source materials. We tend to stick to more photo-based imagery, not cartoons or clip art, so please keep that in mind. We do have a stock photo library, as well. Only licensed images can be used.
  • Audio editing ability is helpful and called upon for most courses. We provide the professionally-recorded audio, but sometimes there are changes that need to be edited in/out, or slides need to be split up.
  • We have design standards in place that MUST be followed. In other words, we have templates we use for our courses (color schemes, photo borders, font faces, etc.).
  • Availability and responsiveness to phone calls and emails if very important. If you ever get so busy that you can't work on something for a week all of a sudden when we're in the middle of it, then please do not apply.
  • I would PREFER someone in the U.S. for time zone/communication reasons, but it's not mandatory.

Now the important stuff - here is what the work would entail:

  • Initially, the first project is pretty straight-forward: we have PPT presentations that we need to sync audio to.
  • The recorded audio will be professionally done and provided already.
  • For this first project, you would not be expected to have to come up with imagery, animations, etc. The material will be provided.
  • The main point of this work is to ensure that the animations all function correctly within Presenter. As you probably know, there are some animation types that are either not supported or are glitchy, and you need to know what those are and how to fix them, as well as sync the audio I provide to the animations on each slide. We should have WebEx recordings or videos with the SMEs you can use for reference for syncing the audio with the narrations, where applicable.

But I'm also looking for a Storyline guru that we can use going forward, on an as-needed basis, that:

  • Has good graphic design skills.
  • Can edit audio.
  • May have to convert video to fit within a course, in some cases.
  • Is good at following our template/style, but can still come up with amazing, creative interactions and engaging content. We provide a script/storyboard for every course, so it's not like you'd have to create that from scratch. Imagery ideas, what text should be on the screen, etc. is all provided. We need the person to translate that to visual magic, or come up with a better idea than what's in the storyboard. I can certainly provide some sample courses as an example of what I would expect.
  • Most of our projects are created within 4-5 days. We expect to stay on that timeline, and then expect another 1-2 days a week later to update the course with reviewer feedback.

So if you are still interested, please send me a PM with the following information:

  • Links to samples of your work, if possible.
  • What your hourly rate would be (this will help me gauge estimated total amount for a project to ensure it will fit within our budget).
  • List your experience with Presenter and Storyline (how long you've used each),and possibly what glitches you know about, how to work around them, etc.
  • Other relevant experience (like graphic design experience, Photoshop skill level, etc.).

I'm not a super expert, but I feel I'm pretty comfortable with Presenter and Storyline to where I could do just about anything functionally. I need someone on that level or higher. And feel free to ask questions as well. I can provide more information, if necessary. Thanks!

BTW, we are a Fortune 100 best Company to Work For in 2012.

Thanks, and looking forward to responses. Hopefully my requirements haven't scared too many people off!

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sima vatandoust

Hi Chris

I am located in Montreal. Quebec, canada. I am an instructional designer/elearning developer. I have developed several courses with articulate presenter and storyline, as well as powerpoint. I know photoshop, audacity, adobe media encocoder and several other software to edit sounds, videos and images. If you provide me an email address I will send you samples.

Sima Vatandoust

Chris Perez

OK, I'm reopening this to get a few more replies.  I had to rule out a few folks due to availability. I need to clarify I need someone that can work on projects during the day and be available for calls/emails if necessary. Part time night work won't work for long-term/future projects.

Also, I would prefer individuals, not companies (I have many reasons for this). Thanks!

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