Need Retry option for individual feedback slides in quiz

I am trying to build multiple choice questions where the learner will be given 2 attempts to select the correct response.  I set the number of attempts for each question to 2.  I also want to provide individual feedback for each response, so in the feedback dropdown I selected "by choice." The action works properly except that the  button on the Incorrect Slide always reads "Continue" rather than "Retry."   I noticed that button reads "Retry" when I choose the feedback dropdown "by question".  Is there something else I need to do when setting feedback "by choice" so the feedback is given from the "Try again" slide if another attempt is allowed and "Continue" if no additional attempts will be given?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Dale, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!  

I see what you mean - and that's correct, any feedback layers on a question where you use "Feedback By Choice" will automatically contain a "Continue" button rather than a "Try Again" button.  To modify that behavior so that the button says "Try Again" until the learner has used up both attempts would require, you could use an approach similar to what Ellen shares in this discussion. Basically you would do this:

  1. Go into each incorrect feedback layer and create a custom state for the Continue button that says "Try Again." Assign that "Try Again" state as the button's initial state.
  2. On the base layer, create a trigger for each incorrect answer, to change the Continue button to its Normal state when the learner clicks Submit, IF all of their attempts have been used up. 

I attached a sample file below. Does this help?

Dale Miller

Yes, Jeanette -- thank you so much for your speedy reply.  Your instructions and sample file were just what I needed.  It was helpful to be able to analyze each part of the file and compare it to my own work.  One other thing I learned was that I needed to click "Done editing states" between several of the steps and then go back into the States Panel for additional steps.  Everything is working perfectly for me now!  Thanks again.