Need some help tracking courses


I'm hoping someone with Moodle Knowledge can help me.

I have created a new Moodle Site 2.2.3 and I am just about to start uploading some Courses made in both, Presenter and Storyline for the first time.

I can see that there are sooooo many options to configure that it looks a bit daunting.

Can someone with experience in Moodle please this give me some tips?

This is basically my scenario,

- The course is built in Articulate 09

- It has several sessions

- Some sessions have 2 or 3 quizzes 

- Some sessions don't have any quizzes

- There is a final exam in the last session

Ideally I would like to track as much information as possible to be put in a report easy to read.

This is what I did so far:

I have created a course in "Topics Format", with the same amounts of topics as sessions I have (not sure if I should put one SCROM per topic or all the SCORMS in one Topic) - Does this make any difference at the time of reporting, or navigation?

I want the course to be:

- easy to navigate (between sessions)

- tracked correctly (probably by slides viewed?, except for the last quiz/exam)

So, When adding a SCORM, which options should I tick?

Are there any other things I should be taking care of?

I also asked this in the Moodle site but I thought that some articulate/moodle experienced users would know better

Thanks so much! :)

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Phil Mayor

Hi Erica

Welcome to the forums.  We use presenter and Storyline with Moodle.  I can let you know what my setting are.

Lets step back a bit though because to make this work right we need to get things right when we publish.  In your LMS publish settings.  Make sure that you are publishing to scorm 1.2. and either slides viewed (I always track slightly less than all the slides) or by quiz (Studio will only track a single quiz, you can create a results slide of results slides in Storyline to track more than one quiz).  Publish then zip (best to use the zip button on the dialogue, the manifest file must be in the root directory of the zipped file so dont zip the folder only the contents.) We also set it to passed/incomplete which works well.

In Moodle

From the top of your dialogue (picture)

We always set it to open in new window and set the height and width to 100% and check allow window to be resized.  This allows Studio to set the window to the correct size.

We always hide the course content from the user (our preference you may want to experiment with this.

We also disable the preview option as this always hangs on our system for some reason

I dont display the course structure anywhere

You can set the attempts to what you need

If you are tracking by slides set it to learning objects or the type of score you want if by quiz. (You need to set a score in the gradebook after this for learning objects it is 1 (complete or 0 incomplete) for quiz it is the percentage to pass) if you dont set a score the completion will not work properly.  Grades are in the settings block.

Attempt statuis shows how many attempts a user has had.

Force complete ensures complete get sent to Moodle we have this as yes

Force new attempt does what it says on the tin each time it loads it starts a new attempt and ignore resume data

Lock after final attempt unsuprisingly does that

Auto continue allows you to move from one scorm to the next automatically

Restrictiung access is upto you, we dont use this

I do use the completion tracking

We set to automatically when achieved and always set it to by grade (remembering this must be set in the gradebook to work)

Hope this helps


Mariano Aran

Wow Phil!  That was really helpful!   Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge/experience! You helped me a lot!

The only thing I couldn't do was this part as I couldn't find it yet...

"You need to set a score in the gradebook after this for learning objects it is 1 (complete or 0 incomplete)"

Once I do that, I will start thinking about building reports.  I heard that reports have improved a lot in Moodle 2, but haven't investigated anything in that area yet...

By the way, Do you know if the actual 'Questions' (quiz made in Quizmaker, imported in Presenter and published from there) can be included in a report.

Ideally in the 'Final Report' should look like:

Question - Response - Result - Points awarded

- Q1. Days are longer in winter and shorter in summer.  true or false? - FALSE - WRONG - 0

Thank you again! :)

Phil Mayor

To find the grades look in your settings block

Click on grades

then click on the categories and items tab

Then choose the hand icon next to your scorm

Finally type your grade to pass (for learning objects this is 1

Then save

I dont think the questions make it into the report (I could be wrong here) but reporting is much better

Phil Mayor

Hey Dave,

The Muppets as I like to call them.

We do three things,

  1. On every course we now have an FAQ section which references popup blockers and how to switch them off including the google toolbar.
  2. We have edited the registration email to ask them to ensure their popup blocker is disabled before accessing the courses
  3. We have also edited the when you have finished this course text to say "If your course does not display please ensure your popup blocker is disabled. If you have finished viewing this course, click here to return to the course page" this is the page they will be stuck on if they have a popup blocker

This has reduced our support calls by a long way


Pam Jones

Hi Dave

I've also used Articulate in Moodle and to echo what Phil has said to get round the pop-up blocker issue, we also add a text in the description which says something like "

"Click 'Enter' below to access the course. This will open in a new window. A pop up warning might appear at the top of the screen. If this occurs click 'Allow' to enable the pop up and continue."

Hope that helps.