Need some ideas: Introducing Storyline

So, we're about to finally roll out all of the work I've been doing for 7 months, and my boss would like me to first make an introduction on how to actually use the .story files. 

How to use the Next/Prev buttons, the resources tabs, the menu etc.  She'd like me to be as basic as humanly possible, and I'm just wondering:  Have any of you done something like this yet? 

It's not that it's a difficult concept for me to understand, I'm just trying to think of a way to do it that's not too horribly dull, while still being basic.


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Simon Perkins

Hi Ashley

Am I right in thinking your boss would like you to add a "Getting Started" type guide to your courses, i.e. how to use the buttons, the tabs, the side menu etc?  If so, you could create a sample slide > make it appear as a lightbox > add markers for all the buttons/tabs/menu stuff > and just include some basic text for each one.  If you have any other buttons that appear regularly (on given slides), e.g. "Continue" "Reveal" "Have a Go" the include markers/tips for those too.  That way, they see a visual representation of a typical slide with all the different things they can click.

Would that do the trick?

Daniel Brigham

Hi, Ashley:

For the main functions of the LMS, you might consider doing a screen recording through Storyline. In this way, you show them how to use the software and you demonstrate an ability of Storyline at the same time.

As far as the main buttons and tabs of Storyline goes, this ain't sexy stuff, so I'd suggest having the learning just pull the information they need. As Simon suggested above, markers do this quite well. Just take a screen capture of your player and insert the markers on it.

Just for ideas, you may want to check out "sample demo 2" in this link to my e-learning portfolio. Brigham Communications portfolio I built it to show the main features of a client's website, and it might inspire an idea on how to highlight the main functions of a page in an interesting way. Let me know if you have any other questions, and I'd love to see what you eventually come up with. --Daniel

Mike Taylor

Another idea would be to let them explore the various options on their screen on their own. For example, clicking a certain item would display the results of what would happen and include a brief description. This way you could simulate them actually navigating the real system.  (Within a certain limit of course.) 

Here's an old example of what I'm trying to describe:

It's not pretty but hopefully you get the gist of it.

Ashley W

Thanks guys.  What I did was made a sort of "behind the scenes" .story.  It's a little hard to explain and I can't actually upload anything work-related. 

So, like, for example, at the end, I gave a quiz on how to use the navigation buttons and what-not, but really the point of the quiz was to show how to do a quiz, so there are callouts on each quiz slide.

Mike, thank you for showing me that, because it gave me a great idea for something I had made a while ago and was pretty unhappy with.

Again, a very obvious answer.