Need some serious feedback!

Hello All!

A little background:

I started at a trucking company as a dispatcher, and was approached by the GM of the company. Basically we have no training program whatsoever, and he envisioned our company having a "univerity" where there are online courses for everything from loading trailers and entering data, to answering phones and management skills. Needless to stay the project is HUGE.

The problem:

Aside from my computer science diploma I am completely new to creating any kind of elearning content. I am having a very hard time creating something that is interesting and visually appealing (I'm not a graphic designer in any sense). I find myself using a lot of bullet points, however I don't have a ton of time to come up with a complete new design with lotsa fancy hand crafted graphics.

Here is what I have so far... please let me know what you think, and where I could make some improvements (please be as critical as possible as the next person to see it could be my boss!)

Thanks a lot in an advance for your time (I know you have better things to do)


I've made the changes you mentioned, the file should be updated

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Linda Lorenzetti

Hi Drew:

Your course looks good, I wouldn't worry about the graphics - they're fine. 

I think you have a great start, but here are a few things that you might consider:

- if you're able to, I would use a real voice rather than an automated one

- under #4. Benefit, I didn't get the analogy of "Pro kicking Con in the face".  It seemed out of place.

- under #5, I never use underlines, they are a leftover from typewriters.  Why don't you change the colour, increase the font size, and/or use all caps on the "must" for extra emphasis?

- on the quiz questions that have more than one answer, put "chose all that apply" so they know they don't need to pick just one answer

- on #7, you might want to say "click on consolidation sheet to enlarge" for the first and second option and "click on image to begin video" for your third option.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Drew Goddyn

Hi Linda,

Thanks for your great response! I'll most likely be using most of your tips. 

-As for the voice, using a real voice isn't really an option as I'm located in a busy office with nowhere to hide to do clean recording, nor do I have audio equipment. Also, I'm using adobe captivate for screen captures, which takes screenshots and allows me to edit a mouse cursor etc. Much of the recording is dont over a terminal server, so recording the screen capture, then trying to sync it up with a voice afterwards takes to much time.

- haha as for the analogy, that wasn't supposed to be in there, it was a joke for a co-worker. Thanks for reminding me I left it in.

Thanks again!

Kayla Burtch

It looks really good so far.

Just my $0.02... for the engage interactions, changing the background to the dark blue would make the course fit together better (in my opinion) especially for the glossary.

Also, in regards to the narration, there are websites such as (and others, that is just the one that I use personally) that record HIGH QUALITY narration for $20/page. They usually have a turn around of 3 days. I find it is about 100-150 per 45minute course that I make. My boss was a hard sell (like most bosses he hates spending money) but it is amazing the quality diferance of an overall course when the narration is high-quality. I feel it really sets the bar for "professional." Not to mention that in my case, my pay for all the time it would take me to record, edit, rerecord etc the narration myself, it was actually more cost-efficient to outsource.

I'm not trying to sell them specifically, I'm sure there are many similar sites, but I have used this one about a dozen times and always had great results.